Arbors & Pergolas
Harbor Fence Company offers a wide variety of vinyl and wood arbors to enhance the entrance to your garden, patio area, or home.  Arbors and pergolas are available boxed, or installed by our experienced staff. 
Vinyl is long lasting and offers the beauty of traditional arbors without the worries of maintenance.  Custom made wood designs, crafted by Walpole Woodworkers, or Brattle Works, can be built according to your individual specifications in length, width, and side panel design.


 Harbor Fence Company offers professional grade vinyl flower boxes and patio & deck  planters featuring drainage holes to prevent root rot.  Some planters provide a water  reservoir for healthy plant growth.  They are available in White or Black, and include rust-  free brackets, making it easy to mount to railings, walls or under windows.

Brattle Works
Wood planters are also available Natural, White or Evergreen.      

  Solar Lighting

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